Birthday parties, more than 8 exciting themes to choose from.

Enjoy an unforgettable birthday party in the comfort of your own home! Choose two forty-five minutes activities for a total of an hour and a half of entertainment.

Budding Chemists (Ages 7-12)

Discover chemistry like never before, make chemical reactions and manipulate professional material like the great scientists of the world!


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Animal Kingdom (Ages 4-12)

See, touch, and if you are courageous enough, hold real animals from all over the world! These special guests will make your birthday party a guaranteed success!


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Air Cannons (Ages 6-12)

Mind blowing fun awaits with the Air Cannons. Test your aim and engage your friends in a smoky battle. It is going to be blast!


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Fizzy Tastes Buds (Ages 6½-12)

Awake your senses and experience gases like never before! Make, see and even hear gas during this stimulating activity. And why not taste it while you're at it?!


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Magic Potion (Ages 5-12)

Experience the coolest party with ice that is colder than the North Pole! Freeze metal and create your own magic potion with our special ice. Get ready for an avalanche of excitement that will captivate young and older guests alike.


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GIGANTIC Bubbles (Ages 7-12)

Ever dreamed of making a giant soap bubble? With Dinoversaire you can! Make countless mega bubbles measuring up to 2 meters in diameter! Huge fun awaits!


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Bulle Géantes


Dino Slime (Ages 6-12)

Make your own slime, add your favorite color and take it home!


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Science Show (Ages 3-12)

Meet furry and cold-blooded friends, then spike up some hair with the Van de Graff generator during this hour long show that will spark the scientists in the crowd and delight the animal lovers.

1 hour long, cannot be combined with any other theme.


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